Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pocket Chart for Language and Math CD

Building Literacy with Interactive Stories

Pocket chart stories are a wonderful way to get your students actively involved in the story telling process.  When using pocket chart stories it helps to bring the stories alive and capture the attention of the students.  Students are able to participate in a hands-on way as children are able to move the text around to create different versions of the same story.

Pocket charts help to build:
·       Literacy skills
·       Grammar skills
·       A print-rich learning environment
·       Understanding that print carries meaning
·       Motivation to learn about reading
·       Math skills

Add to the interest by adding the children’s names to the pocket chart stories.  Children enjoy hearing and seeing their names in print.  All children get the biggest kick and laugh out of hear their name and their friend’s names being used in story form.

Get all of my pocket chart stories and math building skills on one convent CD.  Your students will enjoy these stories and math activities time and time again.   
CD includes
Pocket Chart Stories
Pocket Chart Stories Using Children's Names
More Pocket Chart Stories Using Children's Names
Transportation Pocket Chart Stories
Building Math Skills with Pocket Chart (Fall Theme)
Building Math Skills with Pocket Charts (Christmas Theme)
Say It, Count It, Write It Math Mats

If you bought all of these items individually it would cost you $18.00
Buy Now for $12.5o 
This is a saving of $5.50 


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