Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pet Shop :Unit

We stared our unit off by reading the book The Perfect Pet

After reading the book we had a class discussion on what we would need to do to help the pets.

 We had a class discussion on what types of animals would make good pets and what types of animals would not. 

Pocket Chart Story using the children's names.

The children enjoyed rereading the pet story over and over so that they could hear and see their name.

Small Group Activities
Fish Bowl Letter Bingo

Calling cards are in lowercase letters and the fishbowl mat is uppercase letters.

Counting and Writing

Children were given small cats and dog counters with number mats and dry markers.  Children identified the number on the dog house and then counted out the amount of pets and placed them on the mat.  Once they had completed that they used dry markers to write the number.

Doggy letter match 

Children match the dogs to the right dog house by using the letters on each.

Art Studio
Children had the opportunity to go to the art studio and make pets of their choice.  

Here is what some of them came up with

 If you are looking for ideas for a Pet Shop Theme Lesson Plan, you can find one on TPT and TNB.


  1. Funny! I am just finishing up my blog on my unit on Pets and ours have so much in common! Great minds must think alike!

    Behind the Scenes: Mrs. Gloudemans Room

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