Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pet Show

To finish off our unit a local pet shop owner stopped by with some of his pet shop friends.

He taught us about different types of pets and how we can care for them.

He showed us the difference between a small pet and a large pet

Some of the teachers didn't mind the snakes and some left the show when they came out

He let us touch the pets and we discovered that the spikes on the back where soft and not sharp

and even hold them

He showed us a tarantula spider that the children wanted to keep in the box and the teachers were glad.  (Snakes yes, Spiders NO!)

Mrs. Torres enjoyed herself most of all.

What child does not like learning about pets?  If you're looking to bring in some pet shop learning fun.  You can find my Pet Shop theme lesson plan on Teachers Pay Teacher or Teachers Notebook.

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