Friday, April 26, 2013

Making a Web

We read the story by Eric Carle The Very Busy Spider

After reading the story we had a class discussion on why do spiders build webs?

The children came up with some amazing things on why, but during the discussion a very curious child wanted to know how long does it take a spider to weave its web.

Not knowing exactly how long it takes a spider we decided to give a web a try so that we would understand how long and how hard it is for a spider to weave its web.

 First we placed the children in a large circle and the teacher demonstrated how we will cross the circle with the yarn and hand it off to another friend while still holding the yarn in our hands.

 As the web got going it became more challenging for the children to cross the circle.  so they had to crawl under to make it across.

Once all of the children and staff had a turn, they discovered that it takes the spider a long time to weave its web and that the spider needs to cross over many times to make the weaving tight enough to catch its meal.

 The following day some of the children wanted to give it a try on their own.  They decided on chairs and masking tape to hold the yarn.

 This little adventure of theirs took team work and problem solving skills to make it all come together.

In the end they did it!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love how all this came to be simply because you took the time to answer a child's question. Way to go!!

    Learn + Play = PreK

  2. I try to do this as much as I can. We had to ditch our small group time (not smiled upon if a D.O admin had walked through) so that we could answer the question and create the web.

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