Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learning with Mittens

Color Mitten Pocket Chart
Help your children learn their colors and read simple text with this fun pocket chart activity. You can use it during circle time and also place one in the reading nook where children can experiment with the text on their own.

I wrote (I see ___________ mittens.) on 4 sentence strip. Then I cut a sentence strip into 3 equal parts and wrote a color and glued that color of mittens on the card. You can move around the card mittens to create the sentence in different orders each time. I chose children to come up and place mittens on each line. Once they have chosen the mittens and placed them, I take a pointer and point to each word and the children read it out loud with one another. This activity helps children understand that print carries meaning. It is also meaningful to the dual language learners in your classroom. When dual language learners have visual clues when learning English, it makes it more meaningful to them and gives them a better understanding of the English language.

Hanging Mittens

Hang a cloths line in an area and place mittens with numbers written on them in a basket with clothespins.  Encourage the children to hang the mittens in orders.  Place a number line in the area for the children to refer to. 

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