Monday, January 10, 2011

Sandman Sensory Tub

Let your children create sandmen in the sensory table or tubs. Bring in some sand and shovel it into some plastic tubs or dishpans. Add corn starch or flour and dampen the sand with water the corn starch/flour will help it stick together better. Place different sizes of ice cream scoops, melon scoops, measuring spoons, cookie scoops, bowls and empty water bottles. Cut the bottles in half so the children can utilize both ends. Provide the children with buttons, goggle eyes, pipe cleaners, twigs, pieces of rectangular fabric, milk caps, craft straw hats and felt craft hats.

Watch the sculpting begin, your children will be creating their own version of the Sandman.

Some children do not get to have the opportunity to build snowmen, but they see the symbol of snowpeople all around, so give them the opportunity to build one out of sand, who said that they can only be made from snow. Some times it just the experiences that is meaningful.
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