Saturday, January 8, 2011

Teacing with Socks

Sock Match

Socks make for a fun sensory matching game.  Children can match and group socks into different categories.  (striped, polka dotted, solid, and fuzzy)  

When they are done matching and sorting into groups they can use them with clothes pin and hang them out to dry.  This is a great activity to build on those fine motor skills children won’t even know that they are preparing themselves for writing.
Encourage them to hang them up by pairs.

So go ahead clean out all those sock drawers and bring them to school on Monday and watch the fun begin.


  1. now if we could just get the kids to do the laundry for us! :) just kidding- I love the idea of using real objects to sort, match and pattern with!

  2. I think when you use real items the children seem to stay more engaged with the activity.

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