Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow People Props

Make some snow people for story telling props.  Help all those winter songs come to life with these cut little snow people.  They will keep the children’s interest when you do those fun snow people songs and make the song more meaningful.  I made a set of five different snow people.  Here is what I did.
You will need…

• 5 white tub socks
• 10   3 inch Styrofoam balls
• Rice
• Rubber bands
• Fishing line
• Buttons
• Ribbon
• Scrap Fabric
• Pom Poms
• Glue Gun
• 1 small plastic cup

Cut the bottom of the cup out.  Use the cup as a funnel to put the rice in the bottom of the sock.  I used 1 cup of rice for each snow person.
It should be larger than the foam balls. 
Stack 2 foam balls on top of the rice.  Use a rubber band to tie off the top of the sock.  Put the rubber band as close to the top of the last foam ball as you can.  Next use the fishing line around the sock and between the two foam balls.  I wrapped the line around the sock about 4 times and then tied it in a knot.
Twist the top of the sock and then fold it down to make a hat shape on the top of the snow person. You are now ready to embellish your snow people as you see fit. Have fun and make them all different.

Remember if you have young children that will pick off the items you can sew them on so that they can not be removed. The hot glue keeps them on pretty tight. They have to really work at it in order to get them off.

If you feel real ambitious you could make a set for the block area as well. You will be surprised at the story telling that will happen amongst them when you add items like this to your center areas.


  1. Hey bloggy friend, I love your blog and I think you really deserve an award which is waiting for you at my blog! We are so happy we found you! Blessings! I have to try these with my toddler!

  2. How fun are these!?!?! Too cute!

  3. The snow people are just way too cute!! Kerri



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