Sunday, January 9, 2011

Science Discoveries with Rain Meter

Over the few weeks it has been rain a lot around here, so we are going to be placing a rain meter outside this week so that the children can record the rain fall.
Here is what they will learn:

Children will gain knowledge about the changes of weather. Children will develop measuring and time skills by recording rainfall over a period of time.

Children will learn about what it would be like to be a meteorologist. They will discover and learn about weather words and the works of meteorologists as they begin to observe, describe and record the weather.

Children will be able to create a Weather chart. How many days are sunny, cloudy, rainy or windy.

Each day have the children find the weather of the day on the weather wheel. Chart it on the chart and keep a running record.

Here is how to make a rain catcher.

• Take a 2 liter bottle and cut the top off about 4” from the top.
• Place the screwed top end inside the new opening of the bottle. Tape
   around the edge.
• With permanent marker, mark the inches on the outside of the bottle.
• Place outside so it can collect rain.

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  1. What a fun way to make a rain catcher. We made an informal one during a rainstorm with some of our cups.



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