Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Sensory Table

Fill your sensory table with different types of pack peanuts.

Make indoor snow, take rolls of toilet paper (charmin ultra works the best) and tear into pieces into your sand/water table, grate ivory soap into the table and add water.  Let it sit over night and drain any extra water off. Let the children squeeze the mixture with their hand and mold it and reshape.  It is good clean fun.


  1. Tami - can you give me an approximate ratio on toilet paper to water to ivory soap? Thanks - we can't wait to try it tmw at our co-op!! :)

  2. We use four rolls to 1 bar. Put water in it to mix it up real well and let it sit over night. The following day we drain excess water off. The tub above is a double batch. To add to the fun have the children roll the rolls back and forth to one another until all the paper is rolled off.

  3. I know this is super old, but how long does the toilet paper concoction hold up?



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