Sunday, October 3, 2010

Memory Stones

Here is a spin on the game of memory. I used small flat stones that are easier for children to flip over. It helps them to concentrate on the game at hand, instead of fighting to turn over the cards. By the time they get the card turned over, they have forgotten what they are looking for. Also, by making my own game of memory, I was able to put in letter recognition and phonological awarness into the learning aspect of the game. Also, I was able to concentrate on the learning theme, by making my own memory games.

Here is what I did: I found clip art that matched my learning theme. Below is an example of what I did for an apple and fall learning theme. Once I came up with my clipart that I wanted to use. I then added letters for the sounds of the pictures, using upper and lower case letters for them to match. I then printed and cut the clipart to fit the desired stone. I brushed each stone with Mod Podge and placed the cut clipart on top and let it sit for a few minutes and then brushed the tops of each stone with the Mod Podge to seal each memory stone.

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