Friday, October 8, 2010

Top Ten Way To Talk With Children

Top Ten ways we can talk to our children to nurture greatness and create who they are.

Five ways we can take the time to phrase a sentence in the positive way to produce a much better result in our children.
1.) Try Saying:
     “I bet you had fun making that picture.”
       Instead of:
      “It’s the wrong color.”

2.) Try Saying:
     “Would you like to tell me about your picture.”
     Instead of:
     “What is it?”

3.) Try saying:
     “Can you do it yourself or shall I help you?”
       Instead of:
      “You have to do it now.”

4.) Try saying:
     “That’s a nice job you just did.”
       Instead of:
      “That’s a good boy/girl.”

5.) Try saying:
     “If we put our jackets on quickly, we’ll have more time outside.”
      Instead of:
     “Hurry up and put your jackets on.”

Five ways we can give our child inner wealth. Instead of “good job” or “thank you,” try using a few extra words that explain what you are seeing in your child. This will make your positive influence even more powerful.

I love the way you are choosing to be cooperative.

I see the way your are paying attention to detail and I appreciate that skill.

I like how you are looking out for others. That’s a nice quality.

You are showing great curiosity, which is a great way to learn.

I see your determination and the effort you have made.

Our children need to hear that they are…

A leader
Being wise

And the list goes on and on. Let your child know who they are and they will become it. Building our leaders for tomorrow.


  1. I liked your suggestions because these are the simple details we tend to miss out on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for this important reminder of how to empower our little learners. May I copy and post it on my blog? I would love my parents to also be reminded.

    Liz McCaw

  3. I would love to have you post it on your blog, we always want to be able to give the parents the tools they need and I feel that this one is so important.



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