Thursday, October 14, 2010

Puppets in Preschool

Puppets In The Classroom

A Great Teaching Tool
Puppets can be used anyway, anywhere, and anytime, to spark young children’s imagination.
Puppets are a great way to capture children’s interest. Using puppets is a wonderful teaching technique that can lead children to learning. Puppets can be used to teach concepts, to expand language, listening skills, manners and to encourage creative thinking. They can be used for transition time, drawing children to circle, telling stories, and singing songs.

● Choose a puppet or make a puppet.

● Have a job for that puppet. Does it introduce basic skills include letter sounds, counting, simple spelling and creative reading. Or does it specialize in introducing manners.

● Give the puppets names based on the job they teach. Polite Pete, Allie Alliteration, Willy Weather, or Valerie Vocabulary

● Create voices for the puppets. Large puppets or male puppets could have a deep voice, while small puppets or girl puppets could have a soft voice. You could us higher pitch voices for small animal or child’s voices.

● Design an area or a way that you us your puppets. You can use a puppet theater or cut a hole in a bag or box have your puppet pock its head out of the bag. Place items to be introduced in the bag or box.

Provide repetition with the puppets. Children lean best through repetition. This is why I have one puppet for each job. The children know what to expect when they see that puppet.

● Have fun when teaching with the puppets. Let the children have fun with the puppets. Have an area in your classroom where children always have puppets to use. Let the children design their own puppets using boxes, paper tubes or paper bags.

● Remember that puppets are a great teaching tool.

● Let the kids use the puppets or design their own. Create paper bag puppets for each child so the class can put on their own puppet shows.

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