Monday, October 11, 2010

Spider Math

The children at school have been talking a lot about spiders and all the creepy things that they have been seeing at the store. So since they have such an interest in these things I thought I would come up with some fun math games, maybe spiders would keep them engaged in the activity.

Spider Web Number Count

I made large spider webs and copied them onto a sheet of card stock. I also made a set of number cards for the children to turn over and identify the number. Once the child identifies the number they count out that amount of spiders and place them on the web mat. Children keep playing until all the number cards are gone.

Ice Tray Spider Game

Give each child an ice tray and a dice of choice. Children take turns rolling the dice and identifying the number on the dice. Child then counts out the appropriate amount of spiders and place one spider in each ice tray hole. Game is over when all children have filled the ice tray.

Graphing Spiders and bones

Each child gets an ice tray, cup of spiders and bones along with a set of number dice.
Children place the contents of the cup into the ice tray.  Placing spiders and bones into different rows of the ice tray.  Once the children have all the contents of their cup sorted into the ice tray they figure out which one has more and less.  Next they use the number dice to identify the number of items in each row.

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  1. Thanks SO much for the wonderful spider ideas! I'm trying to incorporate more math manipulatives into my Pre-K 4's classroom and this will be right up their alley!

    By the way, where did you get the bones? Too cute!!

  2. I got the spiders at Target for $4.00 for 100. The bones came from one of my lakeshore feed the dog kit, but Target also has a bag of 75 nice size pumpkin erasers that would work good too.

  3. I love the simplicity of these games - they would be great for my kids. Thanks for sharing - and I think I need to visit Target!

  4. You found so many great ways to use the spiders.


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