Sunday, October 24, 2010

Portable Writing Centers

When children have the opportunity to write in many areas of your classroom they build knowledge that print has meaning.  This go anywhere writing center could end up in your construction area where you will see children drawing what they just built or they might make a blue print of their creation so that they can create it again.  Children will want to bring it outside where they might write the world’s best recipe for mud pie.  Always remember to include writing in the child’s play and the go anywhere writing center is an easy and effective way to do just that.
Create a writing center that can go anywhere.  This go anywhere writing center was made out of a tool bag that we found at Home Depot.  Around the outside pockets we placed different writing tools (felt tip markers in large and small, colored pencils, ball point pens, milk pens and chubby pencils).  In side we placed clip boards, writing pads, variety of paper, post it note pads, lap boards with dry eraser markers and file note cards. 
Portable Office Writing Center

Place items in an old briefcase. What we have in our briefcase: Phone, Telephone Book, Key Boards, Planning Book, Desk Calendar, Pen/Pencils/Markers all in a plastic box, Phone Message Pad, Envelopes, Junk Mail, Stamp Pad/Stamps, Stapler, Tape Dispenser, and lots of writing pads.

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